Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine 

Saturday, June 19, 2021 

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Here is a copy of the schedule: ISQRMM 2021 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

Time  Saturday June 19th, 2021
9:30  Opening Remarks – Dr. David Akombo – Music: Tad Calcara – Good Mornin’
10:00  Tony Crisos, MM 

Independent Scholar 

An Original Harmonic and Scientific Approach to the  Pythagorean Music of the Spheres and its Practical  Application in Music Therapy.
10:30  André De Quadros EdD  Finding Hope in the Face of Trauma: Prisons, Borders,  and Mental Health.
11:30  Coffee Break # 1 with music: Kelly Stewart – Cello, Milena Rusanova – Violin 

Key Note Speech 

Inspiring your WHY? 

Lillieth Grant, MS., MT-BC 

Director, Licensed Music Therapist 

Milestone Music Therapy, LLC

1:00  Lunch Break 
2:00  David Gibson 

Globe Sound Healing Institute 

A New Medical System Based on Vibration.
3:00  Jonathan Seligman, MA  On Music and Grief: Using Song to Help a Community in  Trauma. 
3:30  David Palmer, MD  Voice disorders.
4:00  Coffee Break # 2 with music: Tango No.1 by The Center City Brass Quintet
4:30  Amy Painter MSN, FNP, PNP  A Review of Current Research of Utilizing Music with  Pediatric Patients

Dr. Kent Nelson, Chair 



Raina Saunders 

University of Ottawa 

Dr. Sheerin Hosseini 

University of Miami 

Waverly Claire Noble 

University of Georgia 

Roy Kennedy, PhD, MT-BC,  LPMT 

University of Georgia

Music With a Disability: A Comparative Overview of  Individuals Outside the Norm 

A Case Study of an Advanced Violinist With A Cochlear  Implant.  

The Lived Experiences of Adult Musicians with  Dyscalculia: Implications for Mental Health.  

Music Therapy and Children/Adolescents With Attention  Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Literature Review 

Music learning and Tourette Syndrome

6:00  Closing Remarks Dr. Steve Jackowicz 

Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine 

Sunday, June 20, 2021 

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Time  Sunday June 20th, 2021
10:00  Opening Remarks – Dr. David Akombo – Music: Tad Calcara – Good Mornin’
10:30  Mike Ishii, MSTOM 

Liaoning University of TCM, PRC

Clinical Trial Results: Ability of ‘Five Phase Nodal  Sounds’ to Affect Hypertension in Humans.
11:00  Roy Kennedy, PhD, MT-BC, LPMT Director of Music Therapy 

University of Georgia, GA, USA

The Effects of Music Listening on Levels of Academic  Motivation and Burnout Among College Students. 
11:30  Coffee Break # 1 with music : Morikeyba and Partick K. (Kora Music)

Steve Jackowicz, PhD Chair 

The University of Bridgeport, CT, USA 

Dena Gold, MS 

Licensed acupuncturist, NY, USA 

Tim Klemt, DACM 

Tim Klemt Acupuncture, NY, USA 

Michael Ishii, MSTOM 

Liaoning University of TCM, PRC 

Adina Dabija, MSTOM 

Founder, Sol Center, NY, USA

Music in Ancient China 

The樂記 Yue Ji Record of Music , the 19th chapter  in the Book of Rites禮記.  

Analysis of Passages from the Zuo Zhuan 左傳

Examination of the chapter on Five Sounds and Five  Flavors (wu yinwu wei 五音五味) from the Yellow  Thearch’s Inner Canon (Huangdineijing黃帝內經).  

Investigation of the correlation between the musical  significance of the five elements, the ten celestial  stems and human health.

1:00  Lunch 
2:00  CT Holman, MS, LAc  Drumming and Acupuncture to Treat Emotional  Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
3:30  Dr. June Leslie Wieder  Healing with sound and vibration with tuning forks 
4:00  Coffee Break # 2 Eluv – Music for Healing & Relaxation with Crystal Singing 
4:30  David Akombo, PhD 

The University of the West Indies

The Effects of Music on Anxiety and Depression in  Patients Diagnosed with Covid-19 Disease 
5:00  Andy Zadrozny  Creating Sounds that Feel Good
5:30  Greg Bulaj, PhD 

College of Pharmacy  

The University of Utah

Transforming Music into Medical Treatments for  Epilepsy and Pain.
6:00  Closing Remarks – Dr. David Akombo / ISQRMM Board


Here is a copy of the schedule: ISQRMM 2021 CONFERENCE SCHEDULE