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Abstracts 2021

In order of the conference presentation schedule:
  • An Original Harmonic and Scientific Approach to the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres and its Practical Application in Music Therapy ~ Tony Crisos, MM
  • Finding Hope in the Face of Trauma: Prisons, Borders, and Mental Health ~ André De Quadros, EdD
  • Keynote Address: Inspiring Your ‘WHY?’ ~ Lillieth Grand, MS, MT-BC
  • A New Medical System Based on Vibration ~ David Gibson
  • On Music and Grief: Using Song to Help a Community in Trauma ~ Jonathan Seligman, MA
  • Voice Disorders ~ David Palmer, MD
  • A Review of Current Research of Utilizing Music with Pediatric Patients ~ Amy Painter MSN, FNP, PNP
  • Panel Discussion with Dr. Kent Nelson, Raina Saunders, Dr. Sheerin Hosseini, Dr. Roy KennedyMusic With a Disability – A Comparative Overview of Individuals Outside the Norm
  • A Case Study of an Advanced Violinist With A Cochlear Implant ~ Raina Saunders, MM
  • The Lived Experiences of Adult Musicians with Dyscalculia: Implications for Mental Health ~ Sheerin Hosseini, PhD
  • Music Therapy and Children/Adolescents With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Literature Review ~ Waverly Claire Noble
  • Music Learning and Tourette Syndrome ~ Roy Kennedy, PhD, MT-BC, LPMT
  • Clinical Trial Results: Ability of ‘Five Phase Nodal Sounds’ to Affect Hypertension in Humans ~ Michael Ishii, MSTOM, PhD candidate
  • Panel Discussion with Dr. Steve Jackowicz, Michael Ishii, Dena Gold, Tim Klemt, Adina DabijaMusic in Ancient China
  • Drumming and Acupuncture to Treat Emotional Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ~ CT Holman, MS, LAc
  • Healing With Sound and Vibration with Tuning Forks ~ Dr. June Leslie Wieder
  • The Effects of Music on Anxiety and Depression in Patients Diagnosed with Covid-19 Disease ~ David O. Akombo, PhD
  • Creating Sounds that Feel Good ~ Andy Zadrozny
  • Transforming Music into Medical Treatments for Epilepsy and Pain ~ Grzegorz Bulaj, PhD

Abstracts 2019

In order of the conference presentation schedule:
  • The cross-cultural experiences of music therapists working with adolescent girls with significant trauma in  Jamaica ~ Lillie Klein, MS, MT-BC & Lora
  • An Unsculpted Block of Time: A Humanistic Approach to Using Music Therapy with Acute, Adult Psychiatric Groups – Literature Review ~ Jon Reichert, MBA, MS, MT-BC
  • The Effect of Instrumental performance on Diabetic Musicians vs. Non-Diabetic Musician ~ Dr. Derrick Alan Crow, Ph.D.
  • Music and Art to Build Posttraumatic Growth with Women in the Psychiatric Forensic Mental HealthSetting: A Pilot Study ~ Dr. Laryssa M. Creswell, MT-BC, LCPC & Deirdre Cogan ATR-BC, ATCS, LPC, CCTP
  • An Assessment Tool for Participant Groupings for Human Neuroimaging Research: Measuring Musical Training ~ Dr. Catheryn R. Shaw, Ph.D.
  • Musical Saint Composers of Andhra, India-Tyagaraja-A Study ~ Prof. Vijayakumar Babu
  • A Clinical Case of Insomnia due to Tinnitus Treated with Music Integrative Neurotherapy ~ Dr. Alexander J. Graur
  • Importance of Family in Pediatric Medical Music Therapy ~ Lora Heller, MS, MT-BC, LCAT
  • Melodic Scales of Indian Music on Electrophysiological Parameters ~ Dr. KirthanaKunikullaya, MD, MS
  • Keynote Address: Cosmicization and the Divine Indwelling: Music, Sound, and Resonant Manifestation ~ Dr. Steve Jackowicz, Ph.D.
  • Music-based interventions on the improvement of physical, social and emotional well-being of strokepatients ~ Doru Paul, MD , PhD.
  • Live Healing Musical Experience Crystal Singing Bowls, Voice and Angel Harp: Music Relaxation Session ~ Eluv Elise Zotos
  • Therapeutic effects of Indian Classical Music by Raga’s in Human Health ~ Dr. Deepak K. Mittal, Dr. Sunita Baroda, Dr. Neera Sharma
  • The Effects of Music Therapy on Second Language Acquisition When Used as a Supplemental Toolfor Adult Immigrants in a Community College ~ r. Roy Kennedy, Ph.D., MT-BC, LPMT
  • Healing Frequencies 174hz-963hz Decoded From the Bible ~ Carla Rose Kelly & Julia MacKinley, MSc,
  • Music and Mental Health: A systematic Review of Literature on Functional Music Medicine ~ Dr. David Akombo, Ph.D
  • Middle School Music Ensemble Participation, Homophobic Name-Calling, and Mental Health ~ Dr. Jared R. Rawlings
  • Influence of Music on Student’s Biopsychosocial Well-being ~ Dr. Sabina Vidulin, Ph.D.;  Dr. Iva Milovan Delic, Ph.D.; Dr. Jasna Valic, MD
  • Bridging Humanistic Thinking and Evidence-Based Practice in Music-Centered Music Therapy ~ Dr. Suzanne Sorel, DA, LCAT, MT-BC
  • Plato’s Harmonious Man: A Musical Journey Within Using “Charms”, Silence and Remembrance of the Cosmic Harmony ~ Adina Dabija, L.Ac, Dipl.O.M
  • Musical Saint Composers of Andhra, India-Tyagaraja – A Study ~ Professor Vijayakumar Babu
  • Exploring the Connection between Mind, Body, and Soul through Sound and Movement: FindingYour Own Homeostasis through Crystal Bowls and African Drumming ~ Dr. David Akombo, Ph.D.& Eluv Elise Zotos
  • The Cyber Orchestra Method’s Effect on Attention Span and Self-Esteem in Typically DevelopingFive to Six-Year Old Children ~ Ricardo Hurtado; Samantha Nichole Chase; Dr. Roy Kennedy, Ph.D., MT-BC, LPMT
  • The Microcosmic Orbit of the Qingcheng Mountain Tradition: Sound as a Tool for Spiritual Enlightenment ~ Prof. Yuanming Zhang

Abstracts 2017

In order of the conference presentation schedule:
  • Navigating Embouchure Focal Dystonia: A Case Study ~ Dr. Joseph Carucci
  • Re-Examining the Standard Tuning and its Effects on Humans ~ L. Elise Carter
  • Exploring the Ancient Chinese Numerology in Music and Medicine ~ Dena Gold, M.Ac., L.Ac.
  • De-Allergizing from Environmental, Food and Other Sensitivities with Individualized Prescriptive Music ~ Michael Legge
  • Toning: The Human Voice as an instrument for Neuromodulation ~ Lynn Miller MA MT
  • Music in Special Education and Cerebral Palsy; Motor Development, Memory and Emotion ~ Dr. Emma  Rodriguez & Kaleb Santana
  • Sound as a Formative Force that Transforms and Organizes Consciousness and Matter ~ Dr. Timothy Klemt,DACM, L.Ac.
  • Any Song Can be a Lullaby: Adapting Songs for Comfort, Relaxation and Spiritual Support End of Life ~ Laura Thomae MT-BC
  • Bio-guided Music Therapy: Utilizing Native Flute Biofeedback ~ Eric B. Miller, Ph.D.MT-BC BCB
  • Toning Light Language, an Experiential Observation Study ~ Janey Butterworth MSSW, LCSW
  • The Effects of Music on Pain Perception in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease ~ Dr. Kristie Lipford,Dr. Wendy Thompson, Dr. David Akombo
  • Study Using the Five Nodal Sounds of Chinese Medicine to Treat Hypertension in Humans ~ Michael Ishii, MSTOM, L.Ac.
  • Sacred Sounds of the Chinese Tradition ~ Yuanming Zhang
  • Healing Moments: Facilitating SelfExpression Through Music Improvisation in Psychotherapy ~ Lynn J. Saltiel, MSSW, LCSW
  • Story Songs: Using Poetry and Music to Build Community and Heal ~ JoAnne Spies
  • A New Holistic Approach for Healing with Music: Love Based, Positive Lyrics with Improvised Music ~ Carla Rose Kelly & Julia MacKinley, MSc
  • Mind, Memory, and Mantra ~ Eve Kodiak
  • The effects of music therapy techniques on the speaking skills of adult English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) students ~ Dr. Roy Kennedy
  • An examination of the Meridian System and the Bell Tree in the Treatment of Patients in the Traditional Chinese Medicine ~ Dr. Steve Jackowicz
  • Music Therapy for Inpatient Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care—Unique Considerations for Patients and Family Members ~ Pamela J. Carlton, MS, MT-BC
  • The Affective Cerebral Response to Music: Impact of Happy, Sad, and Angry Music ~ Chyi June Khoo
  • Correlation Between Traditional East Asian Acupuncture Hologram Theory and Replicative Self-Symmetry in Musical Scales ~ Raymond S. Hong
  • A Correlational Study of Performance Anxiety of Non-Musicians ~ Dr. Derrick Alan Crow
  • Spiritual Healing and Exorcism: Music as a Catalyst in Sacred Space ~ D. Weldon Cochren, M.Div.

Abstracts 2015

In order of the conference presentation schedule:
  • How School-Based Therapists Use Music to Treat Students with Special Needs ~ Mara E. Culp, PhD & Angela M. Guerriero, PhD
  • Sound Healing Frontiers: Cymatherapy Meets Electrophotonic Imaging ~ Joseph Reilly, MA &
    Mary Milroy, C.Ac
  • That’s Music to My Ears – the Sound of Laughter ~ Peggy Tileston, MA
  • Effects of cancer patients listening to their preferred music on claustrophobia, anxiety, and nausea during radiation treatment ~ Dr. Roy Kennedy
  • Appraising emotions post raga intervention: the ability of ragas in managing mood states ~ Mahesh George MM
  • The Drum Set and Cerebral Palsy, Motor and Affective Psychological Development ~ Emma Rodríguez Suárez, Ph.D. & Kaleb Santana Ramos, MME
  • Keynote Address: Dr. Arthur Harvey, Renowned Neuromusicologist
  • Battles of Wounded Me: An autoethnographic cantata ~ Allison Upshaw
  • The Influence of Piano Training on Verbal Memory in Healthy Older Adults ~ Anna Thorne
  • Research Results and Reflections: The Effect of Music-Imagery and Art on Professional Burnout ~ Lillian Eyre, PhD & Andrea Hunt PhD
  • The Effect of Music on Impulsivity in College Undergraduate Students with Attention Deficits ~ Laura Dunbar, Ph.D.
  • Music Improvisation: Bringing Soul in the Hospital Setting ~ Lynn Miller,  MA & Brianne Wall
  • Group Music Therapy and Mindfulness towards Self-Awareness and Empathy Development in Children: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study ~ Megan Smith, MA
  • Spiritual Healing and the Divine Experience: Music as a Catalyst in Sacred Space ~ Weldon Cochren, M.Div
  • Analysis and Recommendations for Teaching Students with Dyslexia ~ Kent Nelson, Ph.D.
  • FLUTES: Health and Healing ~ Clint Goss Ph.D.
  • Contemporary Dance and Breast Cancer ~ Juliana Azoubel, MFA
  • Music improvisation skills: Therapeutic tools for resource development in clinical practice ~  Lynn J. Saltiel, LCSW
  • Drumming in the Dark: Integrating Music Therapy
    Interventions with Traditional Healing Practices in Hospice Care ~ Laura Thomae, MAMT-BC
  • Bio-Guided Music Therapy: Live jamming for health with real-time physiological data ~ Eric Miller, Ph.D.
  • Raga Therapy: The Indian Music therapy, Treatment with Ragas ~  Mahesh George MM
  • Mandala, Music, and Recovery ~ Mary E. Campbell, MAMT-BC
  • Musical Cognition, Emotion and Imagery: Ear Worms ~ Dan Kruse, MM
  • Carolyn Graham’s Jazz Chants ~ Dr. Roy Kennedy
  • A Qualitative Investigation of Speech-Language Pathologists’ and Music Educators’ Techniques ~ Mara Culp, MME
  • The Effects of Music Therapy and Music Education on the Quality of Life of the Healthy Elderly People ~ Naejeong Suh MM
  • Perfectionism, Academic Motivation, and Performance Anxiety in South African University Music Students ~
    Madaleen Botha
  • The Effects of Music Pain Perception on Patients with Sickle Cell Disease ~  Kristie Lipford, Ph.D. & David Akombo, Ph.D.
  • A Web of Resonance: An Examination of Chinese Bell Therapy ~ Dr. Steve Jackowicz
  • MUSIC RX: Journey of Exploration and Explanation ~
    Dr, Arthur Harvey
  • African Drumming for Your Health ~ Dr. David Akombo
  • Sacred Scale Music to Treat Disorders Related to Pain, Anxiety and Depression ~ Carla Rose Kelly, MM.

Abstracts 2013

In order of the conference presentation schedule:
  • Cross- Cultural Sound and Music: A Novel Rhythmic Approach for Improving Brain Function: Moderator: Dr. Eliane Leão, Federal University of Goiás, Brazil. Panelists: Alex Doman, Sheila Allen, LLC., Nacho Arimany.
  • The Effect of Instrumental Rehearsal on Blood Glucose Levels of Five Low Brass Players ~ Moderator: Nae Jeong Suh. Dr. Derrick Alan Crow
  • The Effects of Live, Bedside Music on Observed Patient Conditions ~ Moderator: Lynn Miller. Karen Peterson & A
    Dr. Elizabeth Fanning
  • The Effects of Marimba Ensemble on Self-Efficacy and Memory Performance in Older Adults ~ Moderator: Dr. Steven Cornelius. Dr. Jennifer Bugos.
  • Keynote Address: Elena Mannes, The Power of Music 
  • The Sacred Scale for Healing ~ Moderator: Dr. Jennifer Bugos. Carla Rose Kelly & Julia MacKinley
  • Performing African Music and Dance ~ Moderator: Dr. Steve Jackowicz. Dr. Steven Cornelius
  • Bio-Guided Music Therapy: Integrating music & real-time physiological data in treatment ~ Moderator: Dr. Alison Balbag, Dr. Eric B. Miller
  • The influence of piano training on neural and cognitive functioning in older adults ~ Moderator: Amy R Painter.
    Anna Thorne, Dr. Lisa M. Renzi, Scott Smith, Billy R. Hammond, Jr., & Dr. Pete Jutras
  • Music and Health: A Phenomenological Approach ~ Moderator: Dr. Eliane Leão. Dr. Steven Cornelius
  • Physiological Effects of the Native American Flute ~ Moderator: Aitak Ajangzad. Dr. Clint Goss & Dr. Eric B. Miller
  • Asperger Syndrome within Music Education in Puerto Rico ~ Moderator: Dr. David Akombo. Dr, Emma R. Suárez, Marianyelí Aponte Ramírez
  • Successful Strategies of Individuals with Dyslexia in the Field of Music: A Comparative Case Study ~ Moderator: Dr. Arthur Harvey. Kent Nelson, DMA
  • Understanding students with special needs in a musical experience – A Research-Action with procedures that took place in the Workshop Space – Therapeutic and Educational Space in Uberlândia – MG-Brazil ~ Moderator: Dr. Kristin Mozeiko. Thaís Vieira do Nascimento & Dr. Eliane Leão
  • Understanding the Science of Music as an Rx for Stress ~ Moderator: Anna Thorne. Dr. Arthur Harvey
  • A Review of Current Research of Music and Movement in Pediatrics ~ Moderator: Carla Rose Kelly. Amy R Painter, MSN
  • Music Improvisation and Spirituality Bringing Soul in the Hospital setting ~ Moderator: Dr. Edward R. McClellan. Lynn Miller
  • The Effects Of Participation In The Alexander Technique On Female Violinists And Violists: A Mixed Methods Study ~ Moderator: Dr. Roy Kennedy. Dr. Kristin Mozeiko
  • The Effects of Music on the Quality of Life of the Well Elderly ~ Moderator: Sheila Allen.  Nae Jeong Suh, Dr. Roy Kennedy, Amanda Scott
  • Music As A Protective Factor Against Dementia And Cognitive Impairment: A Twin Study ~ Moderator: Alex Doman. Dr. Alison Balbag
  • The Sound and the Fury: An Historical Analysis of Sound and Music in Traditional Chinese Medical Culture ~  Moderator: Dr. Derrick Alan Crow. Dr. Steve Jackowicz
  • MS Music, Mind and Brain: A systematic review of Literature on Psychomusicology Moderator: Julia MacKinley. Dr. David Akombo.

Abstracts 2011

In order of the conference presentation schedule:
  • Healing at the Speed of Sound Workshop by Don Campbell & Alex Doman:
    • History of Listening Therapies ~ Alex Doman
      Engaging your Voice, Mind and Body ~ Don Campbell
      New Trends in Brain Research and Auditory Perception ~ Alex Doman
      How to Combine Music you Love with a Variety of Classical and Popular Styles to Create your Own Daily Personal Soundtrack for Each Day ~ Alex Doman
  • Keynote Address: Mark Tramo, MD., Ph.D. ~ Functional Brain Organization in Relation to Music Cognition
  • Effect(s) of Music on Each of the Primary Systems of the Body (CNS, ANS, PNS, Immune) ~ Moderator: Abhishek Gangrade. Dr. Arthur Harvey
  • Music-Based Sound Stimulation in Pediatric Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Preliminary Case Studies ~ Moderator: Lillieth Grand. Donna L. Kelly & Sheila Allen.
  • There is No “I” in Teach ~ Moderator: Dr. Joseph Ruszkowski. Malinda Tall Malinda Tall, MM., R.N.
  • Returning Mind and Body: Exploring Music’s Potential in Enhancing Post-Stroke Rehabilitation ~ Moderator: Jorge Camara, MD. Dr. Steven Cornelius
  • Effects of Music Engagement on Responses to Painful Stimulation ~ Moderator: Sheila Allen. David H. Bradshaw
  • Music and Emotion: A Qualitative Study ~ Moderator: Dr. Arthur Harvey. Prof. Jordan Roper & Dr. Jeffrey Reber
  • Facts and Figures: Results of a Randomized Placebo Controlled Double Blind Clinical Trial on Personalized Music-Focused Auditory Stimulation Therapy – A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Depression, Dystyhmia and Stress-Related Disorders ~ Moderator: Dr. David Akombo, Vera Brandes
  • Teaching Music and Health in Higher Education: Projection Into the Next Decade ~ Moderator: Peter Reschke. Dr. Miriam Zach
  • Current Music Technology for Music and Medicine ~ Moderator: Laura Dunbar. Dr. Joseph Ruszkowski  
  • Spiritual Healing and Exorcism: Music as a Catalyst in Sacred Space ~  Moderator: May May Chiang. D. Weldon Cochren Minister & Music Producer/Songwriter
  • The Effect of Live Classical Piano Music on the Vital Signs of Patients Undergoing Ophthalmic Surgery ~  Moderator: Crystal Guy SIeger. Jorge Camara, MD.
  • The Listening Program: A Music-Based Listening Therapy ~ Moderator: Dr. Arthur Harvey, Alex Doman
  • The Effects of Music on the Behavior Distraction Among Middle School Students ~ Moderator: Dr. Miriam Zach. Laura Dunbar 
  • Bridging Medical Ethnomusicology and Music Therapy ~ Moderator: Dr. David Akombo. May May Chiang
  • A Relational Alternative to the Study of Music and Emotion ~ Moderator: Dr. Joseph Ruszkowski. Peter Sanders,  Peter Reschke, & Dr. Jeff Reber 
  • Successful Strategies and Coping Skills of Individuals in the Field of Music: Life Stories of Six Professionals ~ Moderator: Prof. Jordan Roper. Kent Nelson
  • When to Refer Patients/Clients to a Music Therapist ~ Moderator: Dr. Arthur Harvey. Lillieth Grand
  • Examining the Gate Control Theory and How it Has Reshaped Research in Quantitative Methods in Music and Medicine ~ Moderator: Dr. Joseph Ruszkowski. Dr. David Akombo   
  • Instrumental Music Student Perceptions of Teacher Support for Experienced Music Performance Anxiety ~ Moderator: Donna L. Kelly, Crystal Guy Sieger
  • Singing and Cystic Fibrosis: Rationale and Scientific Underpinnings for the Use of Voice Lessons as an Adjunct Treatment ~ Moderator: Dr. David H. Bradshaw. Rachel Brager