Guidelines for Presenters 

Brief Bios: Please provide us with a short bio of 3-5 sentences for the purpose of introductions. 

Session Timing: In order to maintain the overall schedule for the conference, papers must  occur during their designated time slots in the program. Please limit your presentation to allow  for questions at the end. So in a 30 minute presentation, please plan to speak for about 20  minutes then have 10 minutes of Q&A. 

Participants should time their papers in advance to match the time requirements. We will make you aware of the time and will need to limit presentation’s that run over time to ensure that all  presenters can have their allotted time.  

Session Protocol: ISQRMM will introduce the presenter at the beginning of the session. The  presenter will be able to share a power point or pdf on the Zoom screen for the audience to see. Questions should be accepted after the body of the presentation is completed.  

Technical Information and Assistance: ISQRMM is using Zoom as its virtual conference platform for its 2021 Annual Meeting. The conference will use only one Zoom room /link so it is  imperative to stay on schedule. Please submit your presentation slides in advance so that we may assist if you have connectivity issues on the day of the conference. We will have a technology check on Saturday June 12th from 10am -12noon. Please plan to sign into the Zoom  link during that time and test your presentation slides. The Zoom link will come in a separate email invitation. 

Contact Information for the ISQRMM 2021 Program Chairs: 

If you have questions in advance of the conference please email one of the co-chairs:

Dr. Steve Jackowicz 

Dr. David Akombo  

Dr. Kent Nelson 

Dr. Roy Kennedy 


Accessibility Guidelines 

Live Presentations and Discussion: All session participants should ensure optimum video and audio: sufficient lighting, an unobtrusive background, sufficient audio volume setting, and minimization of background noise. Participants must speak clearly and at a suitable volume and pace. 

Supplementary Visual and Aural Communication: In order to accommodate attendees with a range of visual, aural, and language abilities, presenters should describe visual material (slides, photographs, videos) and summarize foreign-language content in audio/video recordings. If possible, include captions for speech and song in audio/video recordings. Avoid flashing lights or movements in slide presentations or provide advanced warning. 

Graphics in Presentation Slides: In order to accommodate attendees with a range of visual  abilities, presenters should use a high contrast color scheme to heighten the definition of text  from the slide background and should use a sans-serif font (such as Arial) in a large point size.

ISQRMM Guidelines for Presenters 2021